PodApplaud is a podcast I started with the goal of sharing all the podcasts I love to listen to. When I found myself working a full-time job that let me listen to podcasts while I worked, I wanted to make the best possible use of that time. Hence PodApplaud was created, I’ve listened to over 2,500 hours of podcasts and aim to share the ones I keep coming back to with my audience. Occasionally I will cover a show I didn’t enjoy, but I try to make these moments a constructive experience.

I am especially interested in getting involved with and making new friends within the podcasting community, be it listeners, other podcasters, or anyone who lends their talent towards the podcasting medium. Ideas for collaboration are always welcome in my inbox!

Other areas of interest for me include taking what I’ve learned about what makes certain podcasts amazing and using it help my peers make the best versions of their shows.