Dungeons & Daddies Review

Is this episode I had my significant other: Belinda on and we delved into Dungeons and Daddies. Belinda brought this show to my attention and really wanted to share it. Never have I heard such an odd tabletop show. However, in this case, The oddity is commodity.

PodApplaud- Dungeons And Daddies

[Seb] Welcome to PodApplaud, the Monday and Friday podcast that aims to enable your Podcast habit. I’m your host Seb, and today we are going to Geek out about the podcast Dungeons & Daddies, with a special guest.

[Seb] So Special guest introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the show.

[Belinda] Thanks for welcome. I’m Belinda, Seb’s girlfriend. I started listening to podcasts 3 years ago when I had a desk job that allowed me to listen to stuff while working. Unfortunately, I now currently only have the opportunity to listen while going on runs or at the gym, so I am unable to review as many as Seb. After Seb turned me onto the McElroy’s Adventure Zone, I stumbled across Dungeons and Daddies through Freddie Wong. I’ve been following RocketJump founder and VFX extraordinaire Freddie Wong since his guitar hero championship days and love anything that he dips his hands in. When I discovered that he was voicing one of the characters, I obviously had to give this podcast a go. Dungeons & Daddies is a podcast that is rated explicit, but not for the reasons one would assume from the title. It’s a DnD adventure in which 4 dads from our world are transported to another dimension in their Honda Odyssey and quest to rescue their sons. The protagonists are voiced by the geniuses behind RocketJump Studio, which most notably produced web series Video Game High school. Dungeons and Daddies currently has 8 episodes, releasing every second Tuesday, and the episodes are about an hour long.

[Sebastien] You actually put me onto this show Belinda, which is weird because that’s supposed to be my thing. I’ve listened to many DND podcasts and this one might be one of the most unique i’ve heard. The complete buy-in of everyone involved in this kooky idea is incredible. From the beginning of the show the crew does a great job playing off their sons, then boom they’re gone just like that. In no time at all the stakes are high and the show is off.  I figured we could go back and forth a bit talking about what makes this show unique and delightful.

[Belinda] The running joke/tagline[?]  is their need to point out that it is not a BDSM podcast. However–spoiler alert– very early in the show, through some ludicrous series of events, two of the dads somehow end up making out. Comedy like this is exactly my brand of humor, and what I expected from watching Freddie Wong’s youtube videos.  

[S] Speaking of Mr.Wong, he plays a bard, or more accurately, Rock n’ Roll dad Glenn Close, which is quite on brand with his guitar playing ability in real life. Will Campos is playing kind of the hippy dad. Henry Oak doles out trail mix and dons birkenstocks, whatever those are. We also have Matt Arnold playing Darryl Wilson the sports dad who’s main prerogative is to shake hands with everything he encounters. And lastly I think our favorite dad, Ron Stampler, the step dad rogue, played by Beth May. These characters are wildly imaginative and I especially like how they weave DND archetypes into these otherwise mundane figures.  

[B]I’d say it’s not too shabby of an introduction to the world of Dungeons and Dragons for those who know nothing of the game, as well. You introduced me to DnD only recently and I still don’t know much about it because I have a life, but what little I know is enough to understand the ridiculousness and laugh at the cringe-worthy dad jokes. It leads a good example of what fantastical lengths we can go to with the characters and worlds we create with our imaginations, and is not heavy on technicalities and rules.

[S] This is definitely a rules-light show that would be fine for people who don’t know anything of

DND. Alright well Belinda here on PodApplaud we don’t encourage shaming of excellent hobbies such as Dungeons and Dragons, but we do encourage rating shows on a 1-5 scale, 1 is silence, 2 is a slow clap, 3 is applause, 4 is a round of applause, and 5 of course is a standing ovation! What would you rate the show?

[B] I give it a 5/5. I find myself constantly checking if a new episode has popped up whenever I’m in my podcast app, and almost use it as motivation to go for a run so I can listen. I laugh just as raucously as the players when an epically cringey dad pun is dropped and am always waiting for more.

[S] The pacing is really quick and there are so many laughs stuffed into each episode. The character work consistent and praise worthy. The editing is super tight, but I think I’ve noticed that sometimes the laughs feel like they might be cut a little short. One thing that Table Top RPG podcast fans might notice is that the episodes are shorter than a lot of other shows in this genre, which can be refreshing. I’d give the a 5/5 too, just like you I’m looking forward to each and every episode. I’d recommend the show to rpg fans that want to shake it up and people who have never listened to an roleplaying actual play alike.

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