Parasitecology – Podcast Review

In this episode I talked about my experience with Parasitecology. This is an interesting comedic audio drama that touches upon some dark material. Scripted comedy is a bit of a rarity when it comes to podcasts, but these fellas may just have figured it out. 

PodApplaud- Parasitecology

Welcome to PodApplaud, the Monday through Friday podcast that aims to enable your Podcast habit. I’m your host Seb, and today we are going to get symbiotic with the podcast: Parastiecology.

Parasitecology is a darkly comedic Audio drama put out by interrupted tales. There are currently 6 episodes released at the time of this recording and I think there is going to be about 13 in the first season. These episodes are between 20 minutes and half an hour long.

Alright I’m going to get right into it with this one. Parasitecology is about suicidal nerd Javier and his relationship with a symbiotic alien named Cher. Our alien buddy Cher needs to live in Javier’s brain in order to survive, and Javier benefits from the relationship because Cher can manipulate his hormones lessening his depressive symptoms and altering his inhibitions. The two start to bond and understand each other more as the show goes on. I really like the performances in this audio drama Alan Gallauresi kills it as Cher. His odd canter and inquisitive voice makes for a very believable alien eager to explore all humanity offers. Rob Trevino’s role as Javier is more of a straight man for Cher to play off of, but still gets some laughs and keeps up a great rapport. There are some sound effects here and there they are minimal, but for the most part well done and don’t detract from the story at all. The fellas know how to use their voices well and nearly everything sounds pleasing, The two mostly converse inside Javier’s head and things in the outside world sound kind of like the adults in the Charlie Brown universe. I like that they keep things simple and quick so that they can focus on what makes the show special which is the back and forth between Cher and Javier. The one bit of Audio I’m not particularly crazy about is the theme song. It feels a little too harsh and loud in my headphones and it plays 2 or 3 times per episode. The other thing I don’t really like are the ad breaks. Currently they are going with the funny fake ads strategy which is fine the problem is these bits can run too long. In a 28 minute episode I timed out a mid-episode break to be nearly 4 and a half minutes long to deliver a fake ad and tell us to review or hit up the social media. I like Alan’s voice and he’s a funny guy, but I just want to get back to the story. Anywhere you find Parasitecology you can find the warning that although they are a comedy show that deals with dark material they don’t treat it as a joke. In my eyes they are treating the subject matter quite appropriately and it can be a nice release to laugh along with this show. There are some things I want to see covered in the show, but they have earned my trust and respect so I’m more than willing to follow along and let them blaze this trail without any criticisms on the subject matter.

Here on PodApplaud I rate shows on a 1-5 scale, 1 is silence, 2 is a slow clap, 3 is applause, 4 is a round of applause, and 5 of course is a standing ovation! I’m going to give Parasitecology a ⅗, applause. This show is a treat to listen to and it excites me when a new episode is uploaded. The less than stellar points I mentioned are small parts of the show that wrap around the  main show I’ve been enjoying, but they do genuinely bug me. I’ll stay subscribed and listen to episodes as they are released. I would recommend the show to listeners who can handle the subject matter. As long as hearing about suicidal, depressive, and anxiety related bits doesn’t upset you it is likely you will enjoy the show. Lastly I want to say if these things do upset you there is nothing wrong with that I’ve been at points in my life at which I’ve felt the same. There is always help out there and you are worth it.

That’s been the show for today, I hope you found it valuable If you wish to reach out or follow me, you can find me on twitter @podapplaud or send an email to Thank you for listening, and please tune in again.