You Are All Alone – Podcast Review

In this episode I talked about my experience with You Are All Alone. This Podcast walks the line between audio drama and audio book. It’s a passion project by a single creator/writer/narrator that I have grown to respect and enjoy.

PodApplaud- You Are All Alone

Welcome to PodApplaud, the Monday through Friday podcast that aims to enable your Podcast habit. I’m your host Seb, and today we are going isolate ourselves within the podcast: You Are All Alone.

You Are All Alone is at its core an audio drama, although I will expand on that point later. It is written, created, and voiced solely by one Nick Richardson. Episodes can range in length from 15 minutes up to about half an hour. Currently at the time of recording there are 19 regular episodes and a few supplemental episodes as well.

I found You Are All Alone on Twitter where I find many shows. The premise of the show is that we are in a world born anew from the apocalypse. We are 1100 years in the future and the apocalyptic event happened 1000 years ago. We follow the adventure of DuPaul a young man at 19, but apparently he is one of the older men in his village. My best guess is maybe the planet rotates slower around the sun now or times are real tough these days. Regardless Dupaul’s people find themselves in some sort of dark age situation where swords, walled townships, and deity worship are all the rage again. There are some other factions out there in the world that are intriguing too, but I don’t want to get too spoilery.  DuPaul finds himself locked in the company of a stranger named Abe rather quickly and the show mostly feels like a character study of these two figures. I thought most of the show would be about world building of this post apocalypse world which of course is an interesting concept one level further than all the apocalyptic stories we see cropping up these days. But the characters are the true stars of the show and the world takes a back seat. I have enjoyed the story and the writing quite a bit. At some points the tense gets mixed up a bit, and there was awkwardness in the earlier episodes when it came to perspective. However as the show continues it has improved a lot and is at a point where I find it rather engaging. It reminds me of the fantasy books I read as a teen, but slowly morphing into more of a sci-fi piece. In fact The whole show feels very much like an audiobook more than an audio drama.  Especially since Nick does all the voices himself. There are sounds effects here and there, but they can be rough around the edges. I actually prefer shows ditch sound effects unless they have the experience or time to make them sound really great. Nick’s Narration is excellent I have to give him props I can tell how he loves telling his story and exploring his characters with every line he delivers in You Are All Alone.

Well here on PodApplaud I rate shows on a 1-5 scale, 1 is silence, 2 is a slow clap, 3 is applause, 4 is a round of applause, and 5 of course is a standing ovation! I’m going to give You Are All Alone a 3, Applause. I greatly respect  Nick for shouldering this whole project alone and acknowledge all his great efforts. The more current episodes are really tearing it up, but you do have to go through a bit of awkwardness and rough sound effects to get there. Despite any criticisms I may have had I’m in a really good part of the story so you can bet I’ll stay subscribed and be tuning in regularly. I’d recommend this podcast to people who also enjoy a good audiobook and are not too spoiled by highly polished and produced audio dramas.

That’s been the show for today, I hope you found it valuable If you wish to reach out or follow me, you can find me on twitter @podapplaud or send an email to Thank you for listening, and please tune in again.