Somewhere In The Skies – Podcast Review

In this Episode I talked about my experience with the podcast: Somewhere In The Skies. This show is about extraterrestrials, UFOS, and other space phenomenon. It also has one of the most passionate hosts I’ve come across in the world of podcasting.

PodApplaud- Somewhere In The Skies

Welcome to PodApplaud, the Monday through Friday podcast that aims to enable your Podcast habit. I’m your host Seb, and today we are going to gaze into the astral void that is the podcast, Somewhere In The Skies.

Somewhere In The Skies is podcast that approaches the topic of extraterrestrial life in a variety of different ways. Sometimes an interview, sometimes a discussion, and sometimes a one man recounting. The common denominator of each episode is host Ryan Sprague. There is currently 104 episodes many of which extend past the hour mark, but there are some shorter episodes you can cherry pick if you want to try out a shorter episode first.

I’ve downloaded and listened to about a dozen episodes of the show so far, trying to pick some from earlier in the show’s life some recent episodes and a few from the middle. I’ve been looking around trying to find a show that focuses on UFOs and extraterrestrials that I can review more positively ever since I did my episode on Parcast’s show Extraterrestrial, which I wasn’t very fond of. What Extraterrestrials was lacking is the exact thing Somewhere in the Skies has in spades. Heart. I have enjoyed my time listening to this show if nothing else because Ryan Sprague is so deeply passionate about his source material. In this podcast the structure can be a bit malleable, but it never feels sloppy or unprofessional. Some episodes there is an idea or topic discussed between Ryan and a guest. Some are interviews to get into the mind of an extraterrestrial expert or space savant. Meanwhile some episodes Ryan goes boldy alone and reports upon a story or topic all by his lonesome. The show always seems to reach further than just laying out alien experience cases, or telling abduction stories. Research is being done behind the scenes and there is always some engaging discussion that goes further than many other podcasts in this genre.  No matter what’s going on in every episode our host brings his A game, his curiosity, and some hopeful scientific scepticism. I dare you to Listen to the Episode with guest Chris Cogswell and not have our host’s giddy nature rub off on you. In that particular episode he sounds so excited just to be having the conversation it is so very endearing and a pleasure to listen to. When it comes to the guests we get a lot of interesting folks on the podcast, Chris Cogswell, who I mentioned earlier, was at the time the director of research for the most prominent UFO investigation research group. There are also a lot of talks with other clever people in the field and writers exploring the ideas and philosophy of Extraterrestrials. Even the simpler episodes that Ryan records solo are engaging, the presentation is clear and he presents very well. I have not heard every episode but some of the episodes I listened to did have some skype noises in the background and clicking sounds in the audio. Nothing bad enough to truly affect my experience with the show, but there might be some potential to improve in that aspect. It does make me wonder if the episodes I saw reaching nearly two hours might be improved with some editing.

Well here on PodApplaud I rate shows on a 1-5 scale, 1 is silence, 2 is a slow clap, 3 is applause, 4 is a round of applause, and 5 of course is a standing ovation! I really really like this podcast I would give it a ⅘ a round of applause. This show is a great example of someone sharing their passion with the world and how it can grab you even if you are not nearly as entranced about the subject matter. I will stay subscribed to the show and pick away at some more episodes, but ultimately I’m not rabbid for extraterrestrial shows. I would 100% recommend anyone interested in the subject matter check out the show. This has been my favorite extraterrestrial/UFO show I have listened to so far.  

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