The English We Speak – Podcast Review

In this Episode I talked about my experience with podcast: The English We Speak by BBC World Service. This show teaches commonly used English phrases and idioms, of which they have already discussed over 400 that each have claim to their own episode.

PodApplaud- BBC World Service: The English We Speak  

Welcome to PodApplaud, the Monday through Friday podcast that aims to enable your Podcast habit. I’m your host Seb, and today we are going to talk about the podcast: The English We Speak.

The English we speak is a bite sized podcast put out by the BBC that teaches one english idiom or turn of phrase each episode.Episodes are less than three minutes long and there is currently over 300 episodes already with a yet another new one uploaded each week.

I found the English We Speak Podcast while looking around podcasts from non english speaking regions trying to find some off the beaten path shows to talk about. Turns out it is hard for me talk about a podcast  in a language I don’t understand so I figured I’d check this one out. Since these episodes are less than three minutes long I expect me talking about them will also be quite short. Basically some BBC jingle and pre-jargon will play and then our hosts will have some banter back and forth. After brief banter the hosts will describe the phrase they are teaching about then use it casually in some dry british humor sentences. The hosts are always making silly little digs at each other that I found start off funny, but got a bit tiring the more episodes I listened to. Maybe people are not listening to many episodes of this show in a row like I was when I was trying to get a feel for it however. I went back and forth on thinking about the real world usefulness of the show. At first I thought it is great because the episodes are all titled with the phrase they were educating, so if you needed to know a phrase you could search by episode title and figure it out pretty quickly. Then I thought if you needed to figure a specific phrase quickly it would be easier to just google them, so the show might be more valuable if it had longer episodes that covered more phrases. Then I thought you could listen to the episodes ahead of time, so you learn the phrases before it comes up unexpectedly in conversation. I think I’ve settled on it probably easiest to remember to one or two phrases a day using these short episodes. So yeah a valuable self learning tool all in all. If I was to learn a new language I think I would want to utilize something like this show.

Ok so here on PodApplaud I Usually rate shows. Today I’m not going to bother. I can’t accurately say how useful the show really is from my perspective, but it does seem like a good tool. I will say if you know someone who might benefit from learning more english idioms and turns of phrase then consider sharing The English We Speak with them. Lastly I would like to point out again this is a BBC production, so many of the phrases are particular to British English. So if you are a North American it could be a way to learn more across the pond slang, or if you’re refining your english in North America you might find yourself using a term as the podcast suggested only for it to confuse your friends.  

So that’s been the show for today I hope you found it valuable If you wish to reach out to me you can find me on twitter @podapplaud or send an email to Thank you for listening, and please tune in again.