Fracture – Podcast Review

In this Episode I talked about my experience with the intriguing audio drama Fracture. The podcast had 4 full episodes, some smaller clips, and intended to follow up with more episodes at the time of recording.


Welcome to PodApplaud, the Monday-Friday podcast that aims to enable your Podcast habit. I’m your host Seb, and today we are going to talk about about the Podcast: Fracture.

Fracture is a mystery audio drama with some horror fragments looming about,promising to become more eerie in future episodes. Currently there are 4 full episodes released that hover between 20 and 25 minutes, a couple memo episodes that are about 5 minutes long each, and one discussion episode that talks about the show’s meta with the creators. The show has produced a batch of episodes and dropped them all at once in the past. It is uncertain of how they plan to release episodes going forwards.

I will be real here, I was first attracted to the show by it’s fabulous logo artwork. Yes let it be known I can sometimes judge a podcast by it’s cover. The lettering the reads ‘fractured’ is speckled with what looks like blood while decaying feminine hand holds a splintering knife. Intriguing for sure, but this is all I knew going into the show.

The show introduces Gwen Ortiz, formerly a civilian, and now field officer, who has been entrusted to work more closely with the police force. It is her recordings, and reportings we are listening to.  After an attack on the city occurs the police need Gwen for her ability. This is where it gets interesting, I’m not sure if this is our world, post something like a nuclear radiation where the majority of the population has SUPA-ABILITIES, or another world entirely. This holds especially true since every time the City name is spoken it is bleeped out. The show dangles in the air that something happened 50 years ago that resulted in people gaining abilities. Some abilities of the world include: Pathfinding, Skin Mending, Glass Mending, and the insidious sounding incendiary. So what are we working with here? A gritty modern Avatar The Last Airbender? Well, Gwen describes her glass mending, or Glass Gwending as “Some X-Men shit”. Oh, I should note Gwen is rough around the edges, like PG-13 rough. In the interesting world of fracture Gwen is written as someone who looks out for number one, and wants to end up on top of the pile. She likes to poke fun or tease -get it? Gwen Ortiz?-  the other characters in the story, but remains likable.

For me, the first couple episodes didn’t quite feel like the lines came across just right for the sarcasm for the character. The hard-boiled unwavering tone felt a bit more fitted for an audio book than an audio drama. I would always choose no sound effects over cheesy sound effects, Fracture’s early episodes lack of sound effects does add to the audio book feeling I was getting. The premise of the show that we are listening via audio recorders yet, all the voices are super crisp and isolated is a little distracting.  The newer episodes feel better, as they go, Gwen’s voice finds the sweet spot, and the audio becomes more interesting as additional characters are introduced. In the discussion episode they talk about sound effects they are working on as well, so the future for this podcast, whether it be a radiated futurescape, or alternate reality entirely, definitely looks bright.

Ok so here on PodApplaud I rate shows on a 1-5 scale, 1 is silence, 2 is a slow clap, 3 is applause, 4 is a round of applause, and 5 of course is a standing ovation! The world building is very interesting, the way the characters interact once a few are introduced is engrossing, and the writing is tight. I feel that currently, for me, Fracture is at a 3 out of 5. Applause! Fracture has a heap of potential, and I’m sure the next batch of episodes will be the best yet. I’d recommend Fracture to lovers of world building, and mystery!

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